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It is a job which requires a substantial amount of time and restructuring of personal priorities. Residence hall staff members develop a high level of leadership ability and independent personal growth.

As part of the Residence Life and Housing team, you must have pre-approval from the department regarding outside employment opportunities. As you are aware, RAs earn the value of room and board for tasks performed. The Financial Aid office is informed of this award and includes the value in the computation of financial aid. If you are currently receiving financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office and indicate that you need to know if the RA compensation award will impact your financial aid package.

If you have any questions regarding the RA position or the application process, please feel free to contact Residence Life and Housing at rlh-selection uakron.

Become a resident assistant today! Introduction Letter Resident Assistant Letter to Candidate Dear resident assistant applicant: Thank you for applying for a resident assistant RA position at The University of Akron for the upcoming spring semester or academic year.

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Maintain paperwork for resident check-in and check-out process, health and safety inspections, and other forms. Supervise a staff of RAs, hold weekly staff meetings, create duty schedule, hold one-on-one evaluations and oversee fulfillment of responsibilities.

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Attend weekly staff meetings with the Office of Residence Life, regular in-services, and semester trainings. Work four hours in the Office of Residence Life per week. They act as extensions of the Office of Residence Life where they help residents check in and out of their rooms, help residents work through roommate conflict, plan activities, and help all students understand and follow both Residence Life and Snow College policy.

RAs are on duty each night in the Residence Halls where they plan activities and act as a resource to students with questions or concerns. Each Residence Hall has between RAs. The RD directly supervises the RA Staff in the building, along with managing all administrative duties in maintaining the building. RDs conduct weekly staff meetings with their RAs, along with working in the Office of Residence Life four hours each week. What are the benefits of being an RD?

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The Office of Residence Life determines where you will work. However, during the interview process you will be asked your preferences in buildings which is taken strongly into consideration. What is a Cover Letter? A Cover Letter is a letter of intent. A Cover Letter is typically addressed to the Hiring Manager and explains why you are applying for the position and what qualifications you have that suggest you would do well in the position. Try to point out experiences and qualifications that are not already spelled out on your Resume to help the Hiring Manager get to know you and what makes you a good fit for the position.

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Cover Letters should not be more than one page. What is a Resume? A Resume is a professional report of your experience, skills, and educational background. You will want to keep a clean and professional format, but be original!

Resident Director Cover Letter Sample

As you create your Resume it is important to review the job description. Use the job description as a type of checklist to make sure you point out how you meet each of the qualifications listed for the position. Resumes should be no more than one page. Who should I ask to complete Recommendation Forms for my application?

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Prior to moving to this area I had worked as a Resident Director for Ithaca College and have been seeking a similar role. I have terrific interpersonal skills which helped me effectively communicate policies and procedures to staff. I was able to resolve resident parent and all staff complaints regarding residence hall and room assignments.

My years of experience have given me a great knowledge base to be an effective Resident Director.

I have a strong understanding of good leadership. I provide excellent oversight to the administration of residence halls.