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One of the organizations especially proactive in this effort is the U. Post Office. Clearly, the USPS has a vested interest in the success of direct mail.

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Here is my synthesis of three of these examples to give you an idea of the flavor. When marketers put on an event, they want attendees to have a positive and unified experience.

For one organized sports event, organizers added more than 50 unique QR Codes to signage, publications, e-tickets, and more. By scanning these codes, attendees could access additional information, share experiences through social media, and access the mobile store and download official apps.

Marketing Case Studies

The results? Another way to get readers to engage with a direct mail piece is specialty inks. Knorr wanted something truly different to promote its new line of frozen foods.

The campaign achieved an average response rate of Another way to engage customers with direct mail is sending fun and unusual shapes. To show the effectiveness of this approach, the USPS featured the experience of a telecom company that also wanted to test shaped mailers against other formats. Variety of formats. Not only does the post show just how varied direct mail can be, but it highlights the myriad ways to actively engage a target audience.

All of the case studies have details about specific campaigns. Most have at least some level of metrics to give readers a sense of how the campaigns fared. Variety of market verticals. The case studies crossed market verticals: telecommunications, retail, broadcast television, organized sports, cosmetics, consumer foods, among others.

The inclusion of so many markets sends a powerful message that is ultimately the one the USPS wants to convey: direct mail is for everybody. The uniquely packaged candles were sent to CEOs and business leaders. The Perry Process campaign was dreamed up as a way to encourage manufacturing companies to sell their unwanted or excess equipment to the company for cash.

Case Studies for Inspiring Direct Mail: Demand Generation Well Done

Image via Ad Forum. To get people excited about the grand opening of WVRST, the company designed t-shirts that were packaged as sausages and hand-delivered to food critics, bloggers, and other influencers. Image via Print Power.

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Direct marketing is often used as a tool to promote food products, with chocolate manufacturers Nestle also getting in on the act. The lucky recipients were able to exchange their card at their local newsagency for a free KitKat Chunky chocolate bar. Sometimes simple is best, and that was certainly the case for San Jose blood bank when they were looking for new donors.

By simply wrapping a paper ad that encouraged people to give blood around a newspaper with a rubber band, they not only created an image that looked like a tourniquet wrapped around the arm during blood transfusion, but it also got their message across in a very effective way. Perhaps one of the most simple but visually effective direct marketing campaigns was for Schott Solar, a company which produced solar panels with a 20 year warranty.

Case Studies for Inspiring Direct Mail: Demand Generation Well Done - WhatTheyThink

They created a 20 year warranty calendar which was distributed to the solar panel wholesale market. As the calendar stuck out 60 centimetres from the wall, it was certainly a novel method to get the message over.

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