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Particularly the kind that can cause bodily injury to innocent people.

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Judgment is greatly impacted by the ingestion of alcoholic beverages. This makes driving an unfit activity for the person doing the drinking. No one who has been drinking to excess, or beyond legal limits, should have access to a car or other motor vehicle. No doubt the person doing the drinking will have a number of excuses for excessive alcohol consumption. People are responsible for their own behaviors and will frequently make poor decisions under duress or peer pressure.

Problems Of Drinking And Driving Essay Free – Best Tips And Solutions

Young people are particularly susceptible to this kind of causality. They drink to impress their friends and then they think they can further show off by taking additional risks, like driving while under the influence. Some kids are drinking to excess out of a sense of a need to rebel due to lack of attention at home.

The economy has added significant pressure on parents to work long hours. This makes them less actively engaged in the lives of their children. Some young people will resent this situation and decide to drink to either gain the attention they are lacking or to erase their own feelings of sorrow and angst. Of course, young people are not the only ones who choose to participate in these kinds of risky behaviors. It has been shown that middle-class people are just as guilty of this behavior.

They will generally stop to get a drink on the way home as a means of relieving and forgetting the extensive amounts of stress they feel. However, this does not make the choice right.

Drinking and Driving Essay Sample - JetWriters

Your troubles and feelings of insignificance can be better treated by a therapist than an alcoholic beverage. Once an individual has consumed an abundance of alcohol, it is beginning to affect the brain. This leads to poor judgment and application of positive and responsible choices.

The Effects of Drunk Driving

It will take the brain a good deal longer to makes sense of the information it is receiving via the senses. The receptors are inhibited from responding in an appropriate time frame. That means that all the information entering the brain is being processed at a significantly slower speed. Muscle movements and vision are slowed making everything happen within a dramatically decreased speed.

This is specifically detrimental when someone who has been overindulging in alcohol gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Drunk people have a hard time perceiving the things that are in front of them with any semblance of accuracy. Determining what objects are in the distance becomes nearly impossible. This makes the surroundings and the events occurring within them hard to interpret. And, that is exceptionally dangerous when on the road. So while they are actually functioning at impaired capacity, they believe that they are supremely in control and become overconfident in their own abilities.

This makes them take greater risks and do far more danger to themselves and those they come in contact with, particularly if they are driving. Surely no age is immune to the dangers of drunk driving.

2. Drinking and Driving Essay

In this case it ceases to perceive the process of driving, leaving the awareness of responsibility and danger, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the distance to a collision and the vehicle in front of the car, the angle of view gets narrow, deteriorating coordination and feeling of balance. The driver slower and less responsive to what is happening, can confuse the gas and brake pedals, commit other serious mistakes, for cyclists and motorcyclists it is more difficult to drive in a straight line.

At a rate of 1. If you ask the driver why it is dangerous to drive the car being drunk, most likely response will be the following: alcohol dissipates attention, decreases memory, increases the response time, disturbed coordination of movements, willed regulation.


The factors, that evidence of physiological changes that can impair the central regulation of the body will be listed. It is believed that if a healthy young driver drank a glass of vodka, then these quality are really much lower. If he drank a very small shot of vodka, then the quality will deteriorate only slightly, and it seems to be not a big deal, and the issue can be neglected. Experience also shows that the majority of road accidents related to alcohol intoxication occurs precisely in such small doses.

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Hence the reason not only in reducing the physiological features, another factor operates here. When a person drinks a significant proportion of alcohol, he feels the state of intoxication, and usually does not sit behind the wheel. If there is such a desperate driver who allows himself to drive a car being drunk, he is already trying to drive as cautious and attentive as possible, so as to somehow compensate the decline of his physical abilities.

Drunk Driving Essay Examples

The questions is — to drive or not drive, being drunk? You should decide it by yourself, realizing the responsibility for your life. But the doctors and people, who had a car crash accident because of alcohol will tell you no. If you were drinking and you need to go home, better to take a taxi.

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