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The Death Of Drunk Driving
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Get your paper now. Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided. Essays on Drunk Driving. Drunk driving is one of the many social problems that society is exposed to nowadays. People sometimes forget about their responsibility after sitting behind the driving wheel. To show you in numbers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did the research where it was proven that every day in the USA 29 people die in the car incidents happened because of alcohol.

Unsurprisingly, university professors often ask students to prepare essays on drunk driving. To find out how to create an outstanding project, you can check online samples available online. Drinking and driving Driving and drinking is among the worst habits practiced by people all over the world. Accident Analysis and Prevention —, Blincoe, L. Washington, DC: U. Blomberg, R.

Persuasive essay on drunk driving - College Writing Services & Top Quality Essays

Journal of Safety Research 40 4 —, Borkenstein, R. The breathalyzer and its application. Medicine, Science and the Law , Cameron, M. Dang, J. Decker, M. Reduction in motor vehicle fatalities associated with an increase in the minimum drinking age. The Quarterly Journal of Inebriety —, No author was identified in the journal. Elder, R. Effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints for reducing alcohol-involved crashes.

Traffic Injury Prevention —, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Fell, J.

Traffic Injury Prevention 7 3 —, Reducing illegal blood alcohol limits for driving: Effects on traffic safety. In: Verster, J. Drugs, Driving and Traffic Safety. Evaluation of seven publicized enforcement demonstration programs to reduce impaired driving: Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and Michigan.

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Why are sobriety checkpoints not widely adopted as an enforcement strategy in the United States? Accident Analysis and Prevention 35 6 —, The impact of underage drinking laws on alcohol-related fatal crashes of young drivers. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 33 7 — , Ferguson, S. The role of passive alcohol sensors in detecting alcohol-impaired drivers at sobriety checkpoints. Alcohol, Drugs, and Driving —30, Fields, M.

Passive alcohol sensors: Constitutional implications. The Prosecutor 20 1 —50, Henstridge, J. The long-term effects of random breath testing in Adelaide. In: Kloeden, C. Hingson, R.


How to Write an Essay on Drunk Driving

Lower legal blood alcohol limits for young drivers. Public Health Reports 6 —, Lowering state legal blood alcohol limits to 0. American Journal of Public Health 86 9 —, Effects of recent 0. Injury Prevention 6 2 — , Reduced BAC limits for young people impact on night fatal crashes. Alcohol, Drugs and Driving 7 2 —, American Journal of Public Health 86 6 —, Effects on alcohol related fatal crashes of a community based initiative to increase substance abuse treatment and reduce alcohol availability.

Injury Prevention 11 2 —90, Holder, H. Effect of community- based interventions on high-risk drinking and alcohol-related injuries.

Homel, R. New York: Springer-Verlag, Howland, J. Social norms and drunk-driving countermeasures. In: Graham, J. Dover, MA: Auburn House, , pp. Jones, A. Measuring alcohol in blood and breath for forensic purposes: A historical review. Jones, I. Detection of impaired drivers with a passive alcohol sensor. Journal of Police Science and Administration —, Lacey, J.

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Implied consent BAC refusal: Major problem? Minor problem? What needs to be done? Low-manpower checkpoints: Can they provide effective DUI enforcement for small communities? Traffic Injury Prevention 7 3 — , Manak, J. Constitutional aspects of the use of passive alcohol screening devices as law enforcement tools for DWI enforcement. T he Prosecutor 19 3 , Miller, T. Costs and benefits of a community sobriety checkpoint program. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 59 4 : —, Moskowitz, H. All U. States Now Have. Alcohol impaired driving. Effects of minimum drinking age laws on alcohol use, related behaviors and traffic crash involvement among American youth: — Journal of Studies on Alcohol 52 5 —, Robertson, R.

Ross, H. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books, Shults, R. Reviews of evidence regarding interventions to reduce alcohol-impaired driving. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 21 4 Suppl. Simpson, H. Solomon, M. Stuster, J. Supreme Court. Michigan Department of State Police et al.