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As part of this unit of learning, they learned how to use formulae and, on a visit to Thorpe Park, met engineers who told them how they use mathematical calculations when designing roller coaster rides. At Key Stage 4 we aim for every student to gain a maths qualification suited to their ability. It introduces some algebra and higher level number and data processing strategies. At Ian Mikardo we believe that being able to think coherently and creatively, and adapt to a constantly changing world, is a vital part of our students' education.

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By working through creative activity — fine art, graphic design, digital photography, including film, and music - the curriculum fosters expansive thinking, experimentation and a safe form of personal expression. We teach students to work in an evaluative and reflective way, enabling them to develop their abilities and responses, and the creative impetus gives them a greater sense of freedom than is possible in other areas of the curriculum.

We regard this as a fundamental part of academic and personal development for young people who have led chaotic and dysfunctional lives. Once they begin to process their thoughts and feelings, they gain confidence and can engage with meaningful work across the curriculum. We also visit galleries and museums, and do work based on experienced artists and designers. This combination gives students first-hand exposure to historical and contemporary sources.

At Key Stage 3 students are introduced to the fundamental elements of art and design: line, shape, form, pattern, texture and tone. They develop their skills by experimenting with a broad range of materials and processes.

Aqa enterprise and employability coursework library dissertation

At Key Stage 4 they research established artists and learn to identify how they have used the six fundamental elements, and develop the skills to apply this knowledge effectively in their own work. This curriculum gives students the skills and knowledge they need to explore the world around them, and enables them to appreciate innovations, past triumphs and cultural differences. We encourage students to consider the lives of people from different times and places, sometimes using Skype as a virtual classroom, and understand how the physical world works. By supporting students to make links between their own experiences and the world they live in, we aim to develop their empathy and expand their understanding of what may be possible for themselves and their communities in the future.

Science is taught mostly through hands-on lessons. The emphasis is on a personal journey of exploration through relatable topics. Humanties involves History, Geography and Religious Studies, with themes relating to Citizenship interlaced throughout. It is taught through topical lessons designed to cover the essence of the three subject areas, whilst also developing core skills such as critical thinking, debating and empathy.

At Key Stage 4 , the Science curriculum develops the ability to think scientifically and critically; this helps students to make informed decisions as adults. Our vocational approach supports this; students explore the skills and personal qualities required for working in industries associated with scientific activity.

These include the ability to follow health and safety procedures and raise awareness of workplace hazards before students embark on work experience or their first job. They become familiar with the key characteristics of some commonly used equipment, and the correct use of some technical and scientific terminology, and they learn to make qualitative and quantitative observations and measurements in practical situations.

Aqa Timetable Gcse Jun16 | Test (Assessment) | Religion And Belief

All this provides a foundation for progression and employment in industries in the science sector. In Humanities, students study Religious Studies. This subject is explored through a philosophical method, with the aim of understanding the beliefs of different religions, cultures and individuals, what influences these beliefs and what we can learn from them, and how the beliefs have an impact on the wider world.

Our Humanities curriculum aims to give students greater confidence in their personal beliefs and actions, and a greater understanding of why people live differently to them. My Body is split between three areas:.

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  • Aqa enterprise and employability coursework.
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My Body Physical Education provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical and sporting activities in competitive, creative and challenging situations. Students develop the competence and confidence to perform as individuals in groups and in teams, and develop leadership skills through coaching and officiating. My Body Healthy Active Lifestyles focuses on personal health and fitness. This gives students the opportunity to take part in alternative activities, which enable them to discover what they like to do and how and where they can participate in these activities outside school hours.

Our flat is equipped as an independent living space with cooking, washing and cleaning facilities. This curriculum prepares students for working life outside school. It focuses on vocational courses and ensures that students develop the practical and personal skills they will need to gain employment, negotiate the working world and succeed within it.

Ian Mikardo High School

This includes supporting them to develop healthy and fulfilling relationships, becoming a safe, confident individual, learning to make appropriate choices and assess risk. We train students to regard employment as a positive choice and to engage in learning as a life-long activity. At Key Stage 3 Personal, Health and Social Education covers drugs education, sex and relationships, emotional wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. The examination board AQA has teamed up with employers, including the London Evening Standard, to reward pupils for excellence in creativity with an inspiring workplace experience.

Our Curriculum

The Creative Enterprise Programme CEP , a Cabinet Office-backed initiative, is near to completion for after being piloted in a handful of schools this year. Its results will be published in the New Year but already schools have expressed an interest in participating in the programme in the future. The aim of the scheme is to marry academic attainment with a knowledge of the wider skills required in the world of work beyond school.

The award-winning project chosen by the Evening Standard was by year-old James Taylor. James, who is currently studying his A-levels at Caludon Castle School, took part in weekly one-hour sessions in which he learnt about the fundamental skills of journalism. I know that a lot of people from my college who chose not to take part in it have regretted it afterwards. With other employers such as Hewlett Packard and The Chase on board we will have over Progression Awards on offer next year. New episodes every weekday from 4pm. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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AQA GCSE Business 9-1 Formula Sheet

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